The Bowling Community of the Treasure Coast

Hall of Famers of The Treasure Coast

Associate Director to the Treasure Coast BA and former President of the Treasure Coast USBC. Past delegate of the Treasure Coast USBC to the Florida State Bowlers Association and Florida State Youth annual meetings.

Michael is not only one of the games most dedicated bowlers, he is the sponsor of the youth league at Super Play. Only started to bowl in 2010 he has received 6-300 games and 3-800 series. He is a current member of the PBA.

Anthony Martin was an excellent youth bowler who’s life got cut short by a car accident.  He was placed in the hall of fame meritoriously in 2019.

Jay has bowled 3-800 series and 9-300 series since 2003.  Jay is a dedicated bowler and has a wonderful attitude toward the game.

As a youth he became an excellent bowler and one other youth player would look up too.  Attitude is his #1 reason he was placed in the youth hall of fame.

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